XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense) AnalogRead Problem While Extension Board Connected

I’m facing problems to read analog values in A10, A9 and A8, using capacitve soil moisture sensors with XIAO expansion board attached.
obs.1: When change to A1, performs normal reading.
obs.:2: When applied resistive sensor performs normal reading in A10, A9 and A8 pins.

I’d workaround changing to A1, but I’d appreciate other some clever tip, please.

In the XIAO Expansion Board? does not have pins 10, 9, 8 exposed to grove connectors
These pins are typically used for the hardware SPI bus… so you may be conflicting with them in some part of your code

Pin 1 is connected to the user button, pin 2 is connected to the SD card and pin 3 is connected to the buzzer, 4&5 IIC, 6&7 UART Note the 2 IIC Grove ports on the top are electricly connected and the port on the bottom left is only 3 wire. Also the display is electrically connected to the IIC bus (pins 4&5)

The XIAO Grove Shield exposes more pins to Grove Connectors

I’m gratefull for your help.
But, sorry, I mean the expansion board (with camera) from Xiao Esp32S3 Sense.

And I tested in 2 boards. Same behavior.
About the code…the simplier example code…AnalogReadSerial

again the SPI bus uses those pins so the SD card should use D2, D8, D9, D10
These pins will be electricly connected to the SD card module when connected to the daughter board

You may try disconnecting the daughter board and see if it affects your results

Yes, if I remove the daugther board, all works fine. I forgot to mention before.
But with a resistive sensor it works fine despite the dauther board connected.

Something like external resistor to polarize?