XIAO ESP32C3 waiting for download

Hello everyone
The first time I found a problem using XIAO ESP32C3
The function of uploading the sketch is normal, but power on again
AccessPort open Serial will receive this message

Build:Feb 7 2021
rst:0x15 (USB_UART_CHIP_RESET),boot:0x4 (DOWNLOAD(USB/UART0/1))
Saved PC:0x400462e2
waiting for download

Then ESP32C3 will not work (like pwm)
It will return to normal after power on again, but the information just mentioned will appear again when AccessPort open Serial
How to avoid this problem?

Hello, this problem is that your XIAO has entered the download mode, so the program cannot run. You can check whether the key pair on the board is triggered

i have the same issue with my XIAO ESP32C3… it is stuck in " waiting for download" but i did not press the boot button.

Build:Feb  7 2021
rst:0x15 (USB_UART_CHIP_RESET),boot:0x0 (USB_BOOT)
Saved PC:0x4004c632
wait usb download

EDIT: i had a SPI peripheral connected to XIAO. Once removed, the issue went away. Turns out that the boot button is internally connected to GPIO9, which happens to be the SPI MISO pin :frowning: - so if your SPI device pulls down MISO during reset, you will get into that state.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this issue without removing the SPI peripheral, LMK…