XIAO ESP32C3 Battery ussage


I bought several ESP32C3’s with a battery connector, but there is no info how to use the battery, if u just connect a lipo it doesn’t seem to power up, is there any special config needed to make it run on battery?


Hi, to install the battery for the XIAO ESP32, it is only necessary to solder the positive and negative terminals of the battery correctly to the battery connection pads shown in the picture, nothing additional configuration is needed.

I did just that, and i think the battery did charge, but if u pull out the usb the device goes off.

If i measure at the battery pads on the board i measure 4v so the connection seems to be ok.

Any update on this?, just connecting it doesn’t work and i can’t seem to find any other documentation about this.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Do you mean that the battery can’t power the XIAO if the USB connection is disconnected?

Well the battery charges, but the device won’t run on battery, if power is removed it stops.

"If power is removed its stop.

I have connected a battery (1S1P, 1200mAh, 25C) to an Xiao esp32c3, and in runs fine, whether connected to usb or not. My circuit includes a couple of leds, drawing enough current to run the battery from 4.1V to about 3.5V after about 12 hours. Connecting to usb recharges the battery in an hour or so.

What is the rating on your battery?

I have connected a NCR18650BD, it is a 3100mAh battery.

Could my XIAO ESP32C3 be faulty then?, the weird thing is it does charge the battery, so the connection must be ok.

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This is a totally off-the-wall suggestion, based on nothing more than a hunch: perhaps the Xiao is not demanding enough current to overcome the internal circuitry that protects the battery from discharging while being stored. This battery is designed for supplying current up to 10 amps! While the Xiao is only asking for, like 100 milli-amps.

To put it another way: before junking your Xiao, I suggest trying a different battery.


I am not junking anything, just want a solution.

I did already try another type of battery without success, i now also added a led parallel to the battery and the led lights up, so the battery is able to provide power.

Can somebody provide some kind of manual or schematic for the Xiao?, its quite hard to know why it doesn’t work this way.