XIAO ESP32C3 Battery Charging Specification

I would like to have further information about the battery charge feature of the XIAO ESP32C3.

I have connected different batteries to the XIAO ESP32C3 and the charge rate is around 330mA.
I was not able to match this with anything present in the product documentation page (Not sure what : Charging current: 50mA/100mA refers to).
Would it be possible to have the charging IC specification and the current sense configuration ?

Furthermore, would it be possible to have the schematic for the XIAO ESP32C3 ?

On the wiki there is the following note:

  • 5V - This is 5v out from the USB port. You can also use this as a voltage input but you must have some sort of diode (schottky, signal, power) between your external power source and this pin with anode to battery, cathode to 5V pin.

Would it be possible to provide a diagram ? It is a bit hard to follow. I am not sure if one or two diode are needed.

Really like that XIAO module :slight_smile:



I would like to follow-up in those question.


See the link below. You may still find the schematic for the XIAO BLE. I believe the power supply circuit is almost the same as the XIAO ESP32C3.

Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense — スイッチサイエンス

Maybe the charge controller of XIAO_ESP32C3 is an IC like MPC73831.