Xiao esp32c wont run programs

I think this is a known issue, but need to confirm before sending back 500 of these.

I put the wifi example on one of these, upload went fine. when connected to a PC it runs & connects. No issues there.

When taking the device with the usb-c cable still attached and plugging into a usb power supply(charger, external battery supply, etc) it will not connect. I think it isn’t connecting because it isnt actually starting. When I reconnect to a PC/laptop it magically connects.

I do not have the IDE serial monitor opened on the PC either. Just unplug from 1 and plug into another. less then 6" away from each other so it isn’t a wifi signal strength either. Never see any login attempts on the AP as well.

These devices are going to be used out in the field for remote temp/humidity monitoring and connect via wifi & use mqtt so they will be powered via usb using a standard 5v 2.1a wall wart. We were wanting to move to the xiao due to it’s size & price compared to using a esp32-wroom-d1 mini.

Disregard. Looks like the issue was with serial.begin. Glad cause now I can get these boards sent off to mfg before the CNY