XIAO Esp32-S3 cannot connect to Wifi networks and cannot generate AP

Hello, I have several XIAO Esp32-s3 and most of them cannot connect to any Wifi network or open AP for WifiManager…
I’ve already tried some solutions, but without success.

  • Update Arduino board and IDE package
    -Board and IDE package downgrade
  • Antenna replacement
  • Several different Wifi networks
  • Several .ino examples including WifiManager and simpler examples.
    And several other modifications.

I’m asking for your help so we can try to resolve this.

At first I’m starting to believe that it could be the Esp32 package for Arduino made available by Espressif…

Hi there, Vinicius_Barozzi and Welcome.
Maybe have a look at either of these examples I have used to test with, perhaps it would be helpful.


Start with the basic WPS one and see if that uncovers where it might be LIB or BSP wise?
everything is listed in the code and there is compiler output as well.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

also thought I saw a Alpha release from Espresif too?