Xiao ESP32 C3 - Minimum battery voltage acceptable for the 5v pin ? ( battery is doing 3.7v...)

Good day guys,

Rechargeable 3.6V CR123 are as per Internet litterature not reliable as some of them provide 4.2V, other are 3.7V…

So I should connect it to the 5V pin not to fry the Xiao ( the one on the top side next to the ground and 3.3V, not the VIN one)

My issue : what is the minimum voltage in this 5V pin supposed to work at ?
Like if I put a 3.7v battery, it may go down quickly to 3.6V then to 3.5V.
If the 5v pin stops working at 3.6V then I am done :slight_smile:

Thank you

The battery voltage is nominally 3.7V and 4.2V when fully charged. If you connect it to the battery pad on the back side of the XIAO, it will work fine.

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Problem is the Vin is on the verso side…