Xiao ESP32 c3 issues with its connexion to my PC

Hi everyone
I’m new here and just bought a Xiao ESP32 c3, which seems great on paper.
I’ve add some issues with it (no upload possible and then no Serial monitor), and with some help I’ve managed to understand how to make it work.
Here is what I need to do to make a sketch work (here just something saying “hello!” every 5sec):

  1. Connect to the PC while pushing the “boot” button (despite having the US CDC On Boot Enabled)
  2. Upload the sketch (if I open the Serial Monitor, nothing happens)
  3. Push the “reset” button
  4. And then I can see the nice “Hello!” I put in the code on the Serial Monitor
    Is there something to do in order to prevent me from having to do that everytime i want to upload a sketch?
    Do you know if this is something usual with this card? Could the card be damaged?

Thanks a lot,