XIAO ESP32-C3 HW problems

Hi, recently I purchased a set of 10 XIAO ESP32-C3 units for a home automation project I’ve been pondering about. I just received them and did a first connection test with the PC. Nine units are recognized by Win10 and are subsequently “Ready for use”. One unit, however, returned following error (loosely translated from Dutch to English): “The last USB device you connected created an error and Windows does not recognize it.”
Is there something I can do to correct this, or is there a hardware problem and is the unit, in fact, unusable? The packaging suggests the units are genuine Seeed Studio devices.
Thanks for any input.

@FrankDH, HI
I found this can happen from too fast of connecting and disconnecting USB many times, I would disconnect the offending unit and , reboot the computer. Try again!!
If not try a laptop or double press the reset button after you plug it back in. May work.
GL :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reaction GL.
I went ahead and tested the good units in the Arduino IDE, and at the end thought “might as well” and gave the unit that gave the error another try, and lo and behold! worked a charm.
Hadn’t gotten to updating the topic yet. Sorry 'bout that.