Xiao esp32 battery power on vcc 5v

I suppose that the charging from the USB is not connected to VCC pin, am I correct? But it is still possible to test the charge on VCC with a voltage divisor sets on pin 0 for example?

Hi Alain_S,
There is a link to the schematic on the last page of the Wiki. Would this be of any help to you?
Is the VCC pin you are talking about the 3V3 pinout Diagramud in the Wiki?

Getting Started with Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 | Seeed Studio Wiki

Sorry, I was referring to the 5V pin that can be used to power the XIAO with a diode. I know your voltage diviser schematic and wanted to know if it’s ok to use the same diviser when using the 5V pin. I’m not an electrical engineer as you can tell…

I believe the same voltage divider can be used at 5V pin.