Xiao debug pads position

I’m using the Xiao BLE (nrf52840) and the ESP32C3 sense boards in a project.
Both boards have, in the bottom layer, pads that carry the SWD/JTAG, RST and GND signals.
These pads make contact with the pogo pins in the expansion board.
We’re planning to do a very similar implementation with pogo pins for our project so that we can replace the boards depending on some specific needs.
The problem we have is that the pads are not perfectly aligned with the header pins on the side, so we don’t know the exact position of the pads.
Initially we assumed it’d be about 50mils off, however once we build the board it doesn’t make contact. We’re off by a short margin. The posted Eagle board file doesn’t show the pads.
Is there a way to obtain the exact specifications? What’s the exact location of the pads (4 on the nrf52840 board, 6 on the esp32 board).


here’s their Bottom pad positioning:

Thanks, I got all the information from them.