XIAO BLE Sense - Wireless microphone (BLE)


I’m looking at this example and it allows to send the data by serial: Seeed_Arduino_Mic/examples/mic_serial_recording at master · Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_Mic · GitHub

I want to do exactly that (get the data in python) but instead of being via serial I want it to be via BLE (a device like ESP32 or another XIAO BLE Sense receives the information and that other device shares it with serial).

Do you have any sample code?


Is it possible to put a bounty on these kinds of questions? I have looked everywhere for audio to file (or stream) over BT on these devices and can’t find anything cohesive. I don’t think the community has actually solved this… $100 if someone can point me to a working solution where PDM recording and BT transmission of that data happen at the same time.