XIAO BLE Sense step interrupt

I am new to the XIAO line. I’m trying to feel around by hacking together some existing code. (Big thanks to those who post complete solutions here! @chuck)

At the moment, I’m trying to wake the Sense using the step sensor. I’ve started with the Pedometer example. I do get interrupts occasionally now but they seem only loosely correlated with the steps.

My current initialization code is below. I welcome suggestions.

  //IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_CTRL10_C, 0x3C);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_CTRL10_C, 0x3E);
  //IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_TAP_CFG1, 0x40);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_TAP_CFG1, 0x8E);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_INT1_CTRL, 0x10);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_INT_DUR2, 0x7F);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_WAKE_UP_THS, 0x80);
  IMU.writeRegister(LSM6DS3_ACC_GYRO_MD1_CFG, 0x08);