XIAO BLE Sense OTA firmware update

Anyone has implemented OTA firmware update for XIAO BLE Sense? I am looking for a solution to update application code from a mobile app over bluetooth. Any help is appreciated.


Here is a similar OTA tutorial based on Wio Terminal. I wonder if it will help:youhttps://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Blynk-wireless-OTA-functionality-to-Wio-Terminal/

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Thanks , I will give it a try. For XIAO it has to be over bluetooth and using my custom mobile app.

Did you ever get anywhere on this? I am looking at needing the same type of capability. I have been looking into FOTAU with the Nordic chip but I am not sure how that would apply with the XIAO. I will start testing next month after I receive my order.

I have not got a chance to look into this further. The example with Wio is different and does now work for nrf52840. If you get it working please share here.

Same over here. I am looking for a solution to this too. I have a React Native App and I am trying to add OTA functionality so that I can update all devices through BLE OTA.

Hello, this sounds like a great idea and we will evaluate whether we should provide such use cases to help you develop more easily. Unfortunately we do not have such a demo yet, but it is worth mentioning that the BLE functionality of the XIAO BLE is based on the Arduino BLE 33, so it is entirely possible that the Arduino BLE 33 case could be used in the XIAO BLE, so you can take a look at it first.

Thanks. I just looked at that and it’s based on Wifi. I also noticed XIAO is supported by nordic sdk / zephyr. May be that the route we should explore ? XIAO BLE — Zephyr Project Documentation

I am still searching for OTA update via BLE and wondering if that’s possible at all. In the meanwhile, I generated uf2 file which can be flashed just by drag and drop. It’s better than asking someone to update the firmware using Arduino IDE, at the sametime not as seamless as OTA could be. If you are interested check this out XIAO BLE Sense Firmware Update (UF2) | by Mithun Das | Oct, 2022 | Medium

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