XIAO BLE Sense OTA firmware update

Anyone has implemented OTA firmware update for XIAO BLE Sense? I am looking for a solution to update application code from a mobile app over bluetooth. Any help is appreciated.


Here is a similar OTA tutorial based on Wio Terminal. I wonder if it will help:youhttps://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Blynk-wireless-OTA-functionality-to-Wio-Terminal/

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Thanks , I will give it a try. For XIAO it has to be over bluetooth and using my custom mobile app.

Did you ever get anywhere on this? I am looking at needing the same type of capability. I have been looking into FOTAU with the Nordic chip but I am not sure how that would apply with the XIAO. I will start testing next month after I receive my order.

I have not got a chance to look into this further. The example with Wio is different and does now work for nrf52840. If you get it working please share here.

Same over here. I am looking for a solution to this too. I have a React Native App and I am trying to add OTA functionality so that I can update all devices through BLE OTA.