XIAO BLE - Battery reading issue

Hi, I have a newbie question here.

I recently purchased a XIAO BLE (Getting Started with XIAO BLE (Sense) - Seeed Wiki).
So far everything works as expected but I’m having trouble reading the battery values.
The arduino example refer to getting the analog value from A0 (that example only return the value 8 for me) and the schematic refer to the microcontroller pin P0.14 and I get no luck there too.

Can someone share a simple example to print the battery value in V ?


p0.14 sets the output sink, enables p0.31.
This is the conclusion obtained according to the schematic diagram, you can try it first. By the way, the battery value read using this method is for reference only and is not necessarily very accurate.

Thanks Citric, I will give it a go after work.