Xiao : any diff between 5v pin top side vs Vin on verso side?

Hi guys,
I am puzzled.

I thought there was no diff between the 5v on the top side of the Xiao and the Vin.
But I am reading that there is a difference in deep sleep mode consumption when connecting the battery to the top side vs Vin, like, less consumption when connected to the Vin ?
I thought from the schematics that it was the same circuit ?


May I ask which XIAO you are referring to?

Al Xiao have Vin on the verso side I believe.
I play with 3 different ones ( Sam, esp32 C3, sense )

By “Vin on the verso side” do you mean “BAT+” on the back of the board?
By “5v on the top side” do you mean the “5V pin”?
If so, the schematic shows that they are different.
Also, there is no “BAT+” on the back side of the SAMD21.

In the context of electronic devices or development boards, such as the micro:bit or Arduino, there can be a difference between the 5V pin on the top side and the Vin (Voltage In) pin on the verso side. Here’s an explanation of their typical functions:

  1. 5V Pin: The 5V pin on the top side of a development board provides a regulated 5-volt power supply. It is generally used tiktok mp3 download to power external components or sensors that require a 5V power source. This pin provides a constant voltage output of 5 volts.
  2. Vin Pin: The Vin (Voltage In) pin on the verso side of a development board is typically used to supply power to the board itself. It is an input pin that accepts a range of voltages, often around 7 to 12 volts. The Vin pin allows you to power the board using an external power source, such as a battery or a regulated power supply. The voltage on the Vin pin is typically regulated down to the appropriate levels needed by the board’s components.

7 to 12v for Vin ? :joy::joy:
Just leave chatGPT alone :joy:

The maximum input voltage on the 5V pin is limited by the absolute maximum input voltage of the voltage regulator on the XIAO board: 7V for SAMD, 6.5V for ESP32C3, and nRF52 is not known because the schematic does not have the part name.
Only a 3.7V battery can be connected to the battery pad on the back.
“VIN” in the schematic is just a label, not connected to any pin or pad.