XIAO 2040 Wifi not working

I’m having trouble getting a Wifi server started on this device. I’ve tried some of the sample sketches with the WiFiManager_NINA_Lite_RP2040 library, but can’t get anything going. In the serial monitor I am showing that it should be starting in AP mode, but there is no AP to connect to to setup on my own router.

Does anyone know of any other way to get wifi on this thing working? I hate to think I just bought a bunch of these and they can’t connect…

Anyone have any suggestions??

@Citric ??

Has no one attempted to connect this device to wifi??

Sorry for the late reply, are you using xiao rp2040 to connect to wifi? We don’t seem to have done such support. It is not supported in hardware.

In the near future we may launch xiao wifi version, you can look forward to it.

So I just bought 10 of these useless boards?

The XIAO RP2040 is still very powerful in the embedded field of development, and is a product of great market value in terms of performance and size. Only he is not designed for Internet development.

Essentially it is very similar to the use of Arduino, if you really need to use the wifi function, you can buy another wifi module separately and connect it to XIAO through the pins which is also possible.