XBee not using Digital Pin0 and 1 on Stalker v2.0?

Hi folks,

I know that on if I use an XBee shield, I have to disconnect XBee before uploading a sketch into the Seeeduino Stalker.
But it seems that I can easily upload a sketch if the XBee module is fitted into the Seeeduino Stalker board.

Does that mean that the XBee is using other pins than Digital 0 and Digital 1? Do I have to use SoftSerial to send messages via XBee?

Thank you all for any input,

I look at this pic (http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/c/ca/Stalker_v2.0_Schematics.png) and it looks like the RX/TX pins of the Xbee module are connected to the PD0/PD1 of the Seeeduino Stalker.

That means the Stalker shouldn’t allow me to upload any sketches via the UARTBee onto it (while XBee module is plugged in)!!! The XBees are alright as I just tested them with other combinations.

Do I have a Stalker with broken connections? Any Seeed Studio member willing to comment on this?

Really appreciated,

PS: By the way, I tested an XBee sketch and I get nothing! :frowning: