Xavier development system/J202 Carrier reboot loop for mtu > 1500

I have a problem getting a xavier development system (j202 carrier) to function with an MTU for the ethernet interface greater than the default of 1500. I would like to have 9000, but would settle for something close to that.

Anyway, when I have it set to some reasonable value (like 9000) the system constantly reboots after coming up and offering the login screen. No action on my part is required to trigger this reboot – it just reboots over and over. With the MTU set to 1500 or with the MTU set to 9000 and the ethernet cable unplugged, I do not get this reboot behavior.

Here’s the even more odd thing – I have a second jetson/xavier system with the MTU of eth0 set to 9000 and I do not have this reboot behavior.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or solve?

Curious – a workaround seems to be to disable the option “All users may connect to this network” on the ethernet interface. Works just fine after that – no reboot loop.