Xavier AGX H01 use with Yocto

I am trying to use the RIDGERUN yocto database to build a kernel, device tree and file system for the Xavier AGX H01 dev kit from this link Yocto Support for NVIDIA Jetson Platforms - Setting up Yocto

When using the MACHINE value jetson-agx-xavier-devkit I am able to get a complete system that boots but the USB drivers do not appear to be installed and activated so I cannot use a connected keyboard or mouse.

I noticed that this might be expected behavior since this wiki page exists Drvier Installation of Jetson Xavier AGX H01 - Seeed Wiki so my question is whether there is a way to modify the yocto bb layer (perhaps?) to obviate the need for this step or is there some other way to modify the yocto image to accommodate it?

Thanks for your help!