Xavier AGX dev-kit won't boot past nvidia splash screen

I’ve recently purchased a AXG dev-kit, and after trying to upgrade to Jetpack 5 through SDKmanager, this doesn’t work, and it tells me the board is in a bad state. After looking at the nvidia forums i uninstalled the system through the sdk manager without issue.

I then flashed the board via the flash.sh script. The board boots up, but doesn’t get past the nvidia splash screen.

Any advice? Are there any drivers missing?

Hello, I had the same issue a while ago…
Currently the H01 kit has no compatible drivers for Jetpack 5.0 (they seem to be working on it)
At this time, I am currently under Jetpack 4.6.1 after following the Seeed Wiki : Jetson Xavier AGX H01 - Seeed Wiki

Have fun