XAIO does not start on power-up

I am using an XAIO with the expansion board. It does not auto-start and requires me to re-upload the sketch after powering-down. Using the RESET button does not cause a restart either. Is there a code snippet I need or am I missing something?

Hi, do you mean that every time you upload a program you need to turn the switch back on before you can do it?

No, I have to reload the sketch if it has been powered down. I should mention that one of my many XAIO boards did not have this issue but the rest do. I might experiment with some other controllers using the same sketch just in case there is something funky in my code. This is maddening, every time I get ready to field test my project, another problem occurs with the XAIO.

XAIO is a great little Arduino compatible board, but it’s not perfect. One problem I’ve encountered with the board is that it doesn’t start up correctly on power up. The board will start working after 30 seconds or so, which can be very annoying if you want to test your code right away.