Wrong maximum output current for XIAO ESP32C3 3V3 pin

On the web:

“3V3 - This is the regulated output from the onboard regulator. You can draw 700mA”

In the schematic provided from the same web page:
VCC_3V3 (700mA)

The voltage regulator XC6210 on the ESP32C3 that is sourcing VCC_3V3 can only provide up to 150 mA in total. And as it is used internally on the board I suspect you can hardly draw any current externally from 3.3V output. Please comment on this.

Where is the 150mA info from ? I see the XC6210 can provide 700mA but yes the ESP32C3 will be using some.
Think I have just blown the 3V3 regulator on my board believing the 700mA to be correct so keen to get a response.
I feel my design will need a further 3V3 regulator to supply the peripherals leaving the one onboard just to supply the ESP32C3

I read at the wrong version of xc6210. Sorry. But the same kind of problem is still there. Looking in the datasheet for the regulator, the maximum power dissipation can be estimated to around 350mW based on the board size for cooling. Incuding the shottky diode voltage drop this gives a maximum continues current of appr. 290mA without the ESP32C. The peak current of the ESP32C is 335mA with RF active so I should still not recommend to draw any external current from the 3V3.