Wrong FPC cable shipped with the GD32 LCD kit?

I bought the GD32 RISC-V kit with LCD from Mouser, but when reading the description and tutorial, it all seems as if Mouser (or seeed) shipped the wrong FPC cable.
The cable shown in seeed’s documents has the conductors on one end of the ribbon at the opposite side of the conductors on the other end (let’s call it a “crossed” FPC cable), BUT the cable I got has the conductors at the same side on both ends. This way, I would be connecting the MCU to the LCD in a opposite order (1 to 32, 2 to 31, 3 to 30, and so on.) than the order shown in the documents.

Is this a mistake?

I can think of a workaround, but I need confirmation: Can I simply turn around the red FPC breakout board as to invert the pin numbering and use the provided “straight” FPC cable?