Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit - WiShield

Hi there.
I’ve some problems with my work.
If i put my mode to standalone solar, and loose power (too quickly), nothing restart when the power come back.
So, I’m searching for a way to put the wisheild server in standy/sleep mode before loosing the battery, and when it’s back enough, wake the shield back. To avoid a reset by usb.
I’ve just put a solar wireless node with only a temp/hum sensor on it, and a wishield.

I’ve strangely read some values from analog input A0 to A5 with nothing on them, but with variation when i plug/unplug power by usb wich increase/decrease each time.

My 'little box" work perfectly in usb (not my goal) but hangup after 2 hours of work in standalone way.
Thank you !

Dear customer,

I’m not sure which board do you use with. Here I can suggest you can use Stalker 2.1.
Here is the WIKI.

It is for Low-power device and you can turn to sleep mode or stand mode.
And the Lithium Battery voltage can be read via the analog pin 7 (ADC7) of ATmega328P.
That means you can wake up before the battery die.

Hope can help you.

Best regards,


Hi Thank you for the answer.
I use a Stem - XBee Carrier with a wifi bee wich still integrate the ATmega328P.

Unfortunatly none of analog pin seems to be connected with the battery or solar panel so i cant know when battery shutoff.
And no way to put the wifibee in standy mode

I prefer this Xbee carrier than stlaker cause of simplicity

Dear customer,

Cause it is simplicity so there is not so much function you can use like Stalker.
So best way is give it more power to support.

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Thank you for your answer.
But it’s not strange to have two 328AT in the same time ? One for the stalker and one with the Wishield ???

I bought the solar kit with one sensors thinking power was enough studied for a standalone kit ?

Do that mean i’ve to put in trash my 100$ solar kit ?

How I can reduce / know the consumption ? (Fully charged, it can’t stay more than 5h)

Thank you Yuri

Dear customer,

Stalker and Xbee Carrier is different board, I think Stalker is more powerful.
But XBee Carrier is more portable.
So how you use with them depend on you.

Anyway I’m not mean that you should throw away.
But I still not understand what you need with wireless and the temp/hum sensor.
If you just want to get some value from sensor then send back to you.
You need to consider wireless just as the cell phone you also can’t talk too much time with battery.
It is a lot of way can save your power.

1.Add a bigger solar panel or more until can support them.
2.Control your wireless bee via code, turn off WIFI when you no need to use it.
3.Or you can find a movable power supply to it.

But sorry we not support software that you should solve by yourself.

Best regards,


Xbee Carrier was enough for me. I don’t need sd card or rtc.
Only the sensors I need to read are sended by wifi to a computer and just need 2 sensors on each node.
Why wifi ? Because it dont need extra usb stuff (Bee, RF, etc…) connected to the computer.
And usefull to made nodes talking together.

It’s not only temp/hum, but wished to add pressure.
and some other nodes with soil, etc…

So why not sell a bigger solar panel, considering that you already know the other is not enough ?
I’m trusted your kit, your are professional.
1- It take me some time to have the necessary money, and with this bad choice, it’s like i’ve loose my money.
2- It’s now the only solution.
3 -I’dont want to add/buy extra power, I trusted you kit and your work.

Thank you for this short and expensive experience.
BR, Pascal