Wio tracker 1110 dev kit, how to change the LoRaWan uplink duty cycle

Cannot find the code of LoRa to change the duty cycle.
The default seems to be set at 2 minutes. I need a slower pace. Where is the code to change it?
Using TTN_GNSS_Uplink.ino

Finally I found my solution:
Used the function WM1110_Geolocation::setSensorMeasurementPeriod( uint16_t period_in_min ); to set the Uplink period time.
So below an example from the .ino

// Instance
static WM1110_Geolocation& wm1110_geolocation = WM1110_Geolocation::getInstance();

void setup() {


Had to do this because the Bluetooth configuration sencap does not set the parameters. It just does not work beside the Dev EUI setup.
In any cases found these examples very confusing and not having very much of similarity.
Still do not understand this Senscap thing, which I do not want. If the system is sold as open source it should be more open with a minimum tutorial.
Too bad, because the hardware is excellent.

Also did not find any help from the forum :frowning: