Wio Terminal Smooth Fonts Demo - No Longer Working!

Can someone please confirm that the Example Code still works, as in:

The YouTube class on Wio Terminal / Smooth Fonts fails also.

After tft.loadFont(“Apple-Chancery-24”); program hangs.

Program Complies just fine.

Yes, library was modified for Smooth Fonts.
Yes, fonts work in other applications.

Trouble shooting reveals SD Card is readable and working.

Example files found in Library(s) fail as well.

Hint: Misspelling Font Name results in proof of failure in tft.loadFont command. When Font is found program hangs.


Is it not just wonderful when Seeed Studio just completely ignores you? They obviously can do nothing wrong! They don’t answer to problems that show up! Well… Moving on… without Seeed Studio products in the future. Zero support and they just really don’t care!