Wio Terminal Mass Storage Device Access

When plugged in a USB port, the Wio Terminal shows up as a Mass Storage Device (aka. MSD).

It is used to upload a binary using the very handy UF2 protocol.

The question is:

  • When using the Wio Terminal, how to write files from a sketch?

The idea would be to use this MSD instead of a Flash card to save data.

Hi @reivilo

We have recently updated our FS, and now it supports writing to the flash using QSPI: https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-FS-ReadWrite/#readingwriting-the-flash-using-qspi

Thank you for the link.

The sketch allows to use the QSPI Flash as an SD-card and write files to it.

Now the question is, when I connect the Wio Terminal to a PC, a volume is mounted. How to access the files previously written?

Hi @reivilo:
we will update a demo that can use the Mass Storage Device sending data to Flash then save this data.

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