Wio Terminal does not find Wio Battery Chassis

Nor I2Cscanner, not Wio Battery example do not finds 0x55 device.
Battery is in Power on state(Green LED is ON).
SCL, SDA signals are correct. Tested with Scope.
What could be done? Is it faulty?

I have the same problem. Within the first tests ( Detecting LiPo Battery Status example from wiki.seeedstudio.com) with the the Battery Chasis it seems working fine. When I start to use it in an application it works also at the beginning. After the first discharge of the battery it is not longer visible and the I2Cscanner did only find my sensors, but not the Battery Chasis. Is there a hardware malfunction?

I have done a another test. I connect may I2C sensors to the Battery Chasis instead of the Wio Therminal. Now it works again, also when I connect the sensors only to the Terminal. ???