Wio Terminal Battery Chassis Does Not Work X 2

I have just had 2 x Wio Terminal Battery chassis delivered and charged them both and connected to my Wio Terminal also with the LoRaWAN chassis. Nothing happens. It does not appear to power the Wio Terminal. Tried switching the Wio terminal on and off, no change! There are no switches on the Battery chassis to turn on/off. The pins on the chassis header are awfully short and I wonder if the make contact with the WioT.
What am I missing here?

Can you provide me with the corresponding product link, so I can help you inquire.

Hi, the Battery Chassis link is here https://www.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-Chassis-Battery-650mAh-p-4756.html

Okay, I understand, can you read the battery level now?

At the same time, you can also refer to the working indicator of the battery to judge the current working state of the battery.

Green LED: Light On is mean the board charing.

Red LED: Light on is mean the OTG(battery discharge) enable.

Yellow LED: Light on is mean the male interface output/input 5V.

The best way is to test the battery level to determine whether it is not working due to lack of power.

Thanks for your reply. I have charged both units for quite a few hours without connection to Wio terminal. Green LED comes on during charging. I am using it to power the Wio terminal(using firmware for LoRaWAN Field Tester) and the LoRaWAN chassis. When it is connected between the two units the LED cannot be seen because of the LED location(mounted on rear) as it is hidden by the LoRaWAN chassis so I cannot see if it is on or off or any colour.

Have you tested the power of the power supply through the tutorial on the Wiki?

Sorry for not getting back to you. No, I have not tried with the tutorial but, I will and reply with the outcome.