Wio RP2040 - How to put my socket into listen mode?


I have been able to handshake and login to the wifi network. I have played with the examples but have not seen one of the device listening for an incoming connection.

I am trying to configure my device as a light weight web server where the page interactions manipulate the GPIO lines. I am trying NOT to use MQTT.

If you have examples that would be awesome. The part two will be how to make the connection SSL/TLS with mTLS.

Also listen() or accept() don’t seem to be in the available options

[‘class’, ‘name’, ‘close’, ‘read’, ‘readinto’, ‘readline’, ‘send’, ‘write’, ‘bases’, ‘del’, ‘dict’, ‘connect’, ‘recv’, ‘recvfrom’, ‘sendto’, ‘setblocking’, ‘settimeout’]

Now that I think on it I may have to go MQTT because it has a byte level header/payload, and HTML is probably going to get too big for the available memory.

I wanted to try something like this if I can https://github.com/IsQianGe/rp2040-spi/blob/master/examples/network/http_server_simplistic_commented.py