Wio LTE Cat1 arduino

Hi. I’m trying to upload an arduino Sketch to an wio LTE cat 1. I’ve install the drivers, end i can see the “STM32 BOOTLOADER” but when i try to upload the sketch arduino cant find the board. What could it be? thanks in advance

Hi @pedro_santos ,

Please send me the screenshot of Device Manager and displayed driver name on Zadig. Like here.






Hi again

Just find out that if i use https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Platform/master/package_legacy_seeeduino_boards_index.json instead of the recomended https://files.seeedstudio.com/arduino/package_seeeduino_boards_index.json, and install the board Wio Tracker LTE i can upload the sketch successfuly. What could it be?

Hi @pedro_santos ,

Thank you for the screenshort.
The driver seems to work fine.

Could you tell me what arduino platform and version you are using?
(You can check it in board manager.)

Hi. I’m using Arduino 1.8.19

I would like to know the name and version here.