Wio LTE Cat.1 v1.3b EU Espruino Compatible

I have got really confused here. I have worked with the 2G version of the Wio Tracker and everything works fine. I tried to migrate to Wio LTE and…nothing works (nothing at all).
If I upload a sketch through Arduino IDE (any sketch, even the simplest one) I can’t see any message in the serial monitor.
When I use Espruino, every piece of code (for example to light on the LED) fails. In any case, I want to use the code I already have for the 2G version and not to write a whole new code in Espruino. Any help-guidance will be highly appreciated.
One main reason why I need to use the LTE version is the lack of availability for the 2G.
Please, help!

I found the solution myself. The answer is NOT to press the reset button when in DFU mode and the sketch will be downloaded to Wio LTE Cat.1 smoothly.