WIO Lte 1.3b AU/Battery Connector does not fit

I have WIO LTE 1.3b AU Version SKU 102991023.
I purchased it a few weeks ago, but only today I got a SIM Card and SD Card allowing me to try it for the first time.
I tried to plug in the supplied LIPO battery (It is said to be essential), but found that the battery plug will not fit into the board socket. It looks like it should fit, but just doesn’t. Seems to be slightly the wrong shape. (Yes, of course I tried different orientations.). Of course I tried harder and forced it, but then the board socket broke off the board. Its Surface mount type, so I do not have the tools or skills to put it back. So, I think its trashed.
Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a solution, before I go off and order another one from Mouser (who still have a small stock).