Wio-E5 multiple P2P

I am not clear on how to create a P2P connection between multiple Wio-E5 modules. The intention is to send messages to individual modules and not have all modules receive this. Could you please provide an explanation and, if possible, a simple Arduino IDE script? Thank you in advance!

Hi @FRANSP currently on this kind of set up as well, but to this moment, not successful still huhuhu.

But so far, I’m thinking to set first the Tx to a receiver, then the 1st Rx will send a “packet” to the Tx to indicate that it’s ready to receive data, and once the Tx receives this “packet”, thats the only time it will send data to the 1st Rx. Then, Tx will wait again for any “packet” from other receivers to indicate that they ready as well to receive data.

Is this the kind of what you’re trying to achieve as well?

Hello @lostresearcher, thank you for your response. What I am trying to make is a kind of remote control. Your solution seems to me, quite honestly, quite complicated and prone to errors… One possible solution that I came up with is to put the ID (or part of it) of the desired receiver in the message that is sent, and in the code of the receiver then do a check whether the message is intended for this receiver.
As an extra check, the ID (or part of it) of the sender could also be placed in the message so that it is checked whether it comes from the correct sender.

Hello @FRANSP that’s actually a very nice method if ever, and I actually have a code for this but it was based for LoRa chip series of SX127x, but the LoRa-E5 uses the latest SX126x series.

I hope someone in this forum can help us with this.