Wio-e5 lorawan - where to start? can i use arduino IDE?

using this one…

and tried AT+ID and works great.
I dont got any lorawan gateway for the moment and theres no public lorawan gateway to use to connect to ttl. so i jump to step 14.

now… im not comfortable use the STM IDE… can i used to use arduino IDE? is there any example code to publish state high / low or a analog value from any of the pins?

From the latest news, we have found that there are already libraries for STM32 on Arduino, but we have not tested this yet. So if you are developing with the Wio E5, if you really don’t want to use the factory AT firmware, then it is better to use the STM platform.

ok, so AT firmware as it is with the breakout pins on wio-e5-mini, can only response to AT commands.

Do you know what is the correct AT command to read value on D0, D9, D10 or A3,A3?