Wio E5 Development Kit with external sensors

Hi all,

I am researching options for a current IoT project, and have found the Wio E5 Development Kit to be a good option to use for prototyping because of its many interfaces for different sensors. However, I am a bit confused about how external sensors connected through the board. For example, an industry-grade temperature sensor such as this can be connected through the onboard RS485 interface.

Will this automatically be recognized when using the AT Firmware application on the board, so that it can be sent using the LoRa module?

And when using the STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeProgrammer after erasing the AT firmware, is it possible to still connect sensors through the interfaces on the board, such as the RS485 interface, and transmit these measurements using the LoRa module? If so, are there any examples of this?

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