Wio-E5 connected to ESP32-C3

I have got a PCB with an ESP32-C3 module connected to a Wio-E5 Lora chip via the second UART (Pins 2, 3) and I can talk to the E5 with AT commands and I get a response through the USB connection to the Arduino IDE.

I would like to send some data from one board to another (no gateway), say temperature for example, I have found lots of examples but none that quite fit my requirements, I have even got one board to transmit data and I can see it is transmitting by looking at an RF spectrum analyser and seeing the transmission so I know it works but I can’t get the reciever side working.

Are there any tutorials out here that would help with this request, I’m OK with HW design but definitely not a profficient programmer

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi there,
Sounds FUN :smiley: :+1: Need more info though, got a picture and is it you want to do a POINT to POINT back or?
Perhaps add a debug flag and copy the received data copied to a buffer when set., the other can read?
Post up the code if it is not propriety we can look, and use the code tags above </> paste in there,
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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This seems to be a very popular idea… Keep in touch

Examples are in here ant the wiki

Hi phil15,

The sketches I used in my previous experiments may be helpful. (My LoRa module has changed firmware and no longer accepts AT commands, so I can’t get it working again.)
LoRa_TxRx.zip (5.2 KB)

You may also find the following links helpful.

Node using XIAO_nRF52840 and Grove-LoRa-E5 running on AT commands, sleep current 6.4uA

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OK, I got things working with the Grove Lora example sketch after mofifying some code so it would work with my setup, thanks for the sugggestions.

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