Which j tag debugger used for SeeedStudio GD32 RISC-V Dev Board

Hi all, i just bought the SeeedStudio GD32 RISC-V Dev Board. My question is which j tag debugger used for this development board. Can i use https://www.st.com › st-link-v2
ST-LINK/V2 - STMicroelectronics?. Such as can i write bare metal programming?
This board support swd debugging?

GD32 series are cortex-M series kernel, is the standard CMSIS-DP protocol interface. Most ST-link also supports GD32 (many customers use it normally). I guess some versions of ST-link will have a model identification mechanism, which will not be able to download to GD32. Because ST-link is the official product of ST, if there is a problem, it is not easy to solve. You are advised to use j-Link or U-Link for development and debugging. Production batch burning can use GD-link, support offline burning, or purchase other third party to do burning tools.

Your words bring my expected output. But i have another one doubt. You have mentioned the cortex m series. What you mean that?.
When i was reading the data sheet of gd32 i felt similarity of cortex series.

The ARM Cortex-M is a group of 32-bit ARM processor cores licensed by Arm Holdings.

But gd32 is risc-v architecture?

I don’t know gd32 is following arm architecture?

Sorry I forgot you said GD32 RISC-V Dev Board.

No problem, basically i’m first time to work with gd32 that’s why i have confused. Any way thanks for your corporation.

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