Which is the best sensor for breath-rate in sleep?

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you have different sensors that can detect breathing:

Which of those is better to measure real-time respiratory data on a human lying in bed under a blanket?


HI, for mmWave sensors, the higher the frequency, the higher the resolution and the better the penetration, so it is recommended that you choose a 60GHZ radar

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this is contradictory to everything I know about how waves behave. Are you 100% sure about that?

Hello, the effect of 60GHZ is better than 24GHZ, this is the result of the test.


Is it fast enough that, once a respiratory rate readout is established, to immediately show changes?
F.e. if I sit in front of it and hold my breath, will it be able to detect this within which time?

Thanks again.

Hello, in the latest version of the 60GHz Breathing Heartbeat Radar, we have added a new feature of sleep, which is also designed for sleep monitoring. With this radar, you can see important messages such as sleep quality score, number of rollovers, number of times you leave the bed, deep sleep, light sleep, time awake, etc. New Wiki content will also be updated in the near future.

The rapid detection you mention is actually not quite in principle in our case. What the radar is measuring is the average respiratory and heart rate results, which would require a certain amount of time for the measurement.

Respiratory belts are elastic bands worn around the chest or abdomen that measure changes in the circumference of the chest or abdomen during breathing. They work by detecting the movements of the chest or abdomen and are able to provide information about the rate and depth of breathing.

Thermistors are temperature sensitive device that detect changes in the temperature of the air during breathing. They are typically placed near the nose or mouth and work by measuring the temperature of the air…

The best sensor for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable sensor with a long battery life, then the MR24BSD1 24GHz mmWave Sensor is a good option. If you are looking for the most accurate sensor, then the 60GHz mmWave Sensor is a better choice.