Which board for this use case (image recognition)

I am pretty new to all this and had a project I would like to execute. I was wondering if you guys were able to suggest the right board and other hardware for my use case .

I have 10,000 unique images and a title for each of them. I would like to have a small battery powered wireless device which I take a picture with and it tells me which one of the 10,000 images I’m looking at and display it’s title on a small screen.

I would like this to be a offline device.

I would appreciate any suggestions for what hardware would be most suited for this. Thanks in advance

Your project idea sounds intriguing! For your offline image recognition device, I’d recommend looking into microcontrollers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. You can integrate a camera module for image capture and by WhatsApp use machine learning libraries for image recognition. Pair it with a small screen and a battery pack for a portable setup.