What is the version of my Grove Sunlight Sensor?

Hi everyone,

my grove sunlight sensor is not working. Constantly zero (IR, visivble and UV). I’m using the demo code from the wiki togther with a nano 33 iot, either with or without a Grove Shield for Arduino Nano V1.1.
Both codes, Si1151 and Si1145, are not work.
The Sensor is labeld with V2.0, produced on July 14, 2021. Produktion for Version 2.0 started on July 27th 2021, according to the wiki.
The I2C adress of my Grove sunlight sensor is 0x60, like it says in si1145.h

#define SI114X_ADDR 0X60

In si1151.h it is:


Anyone knows what’s wrong?
Thanks for helping!