Wearable sensor induction charged help

I’m trying to build a very small sensor using a board with an IMU and a microphone, that would store data and then sync it via bluetooth to my PC or phone when available, would be battery-powered and charged by induction.

I’m trying to understand how to add storage and the battery + induction parts to the Xiao BLE Sense, and which parts would make sense to achieve the best mix of small form factor and long battery life.

Does anyone have experience with this? Any help appreciated, thanks a lot!

Hello, I’m working on a similar project recently. I found a paper about realizing small size and long battery life. I think you can have a look, which may be helpful to you.

Hey thanks, sorry for replying late, didn’t see your post. I cannot read Chinese unfortunately, and decided to order an induction coil and a battery from Aliexpress, to use with the Xiao.