Way to enable Jetson MATE GPIO?

  1. I am having Jetson MATE Mini Board and it’s having only 4x(Tx and Rx) also Boot and GND. I know there is no GPIO Pins but is there any possible way to enable or mount GPIO’s ?

  2. I am having Jetson Nano SoM in the Master slot and with help of UART I tried to communicate with the serial communication. But it’s getting me to the Login prompt. So I need to disable it ?


Hello, for your question we have ask our development department, they think it needs customization in hardware, please send an email to edgeai@seeed.cc our odm team will help you

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The Jetson MATE Mini Board, which provides limited UART communication, likely lacks accessible GPIO pins for general use.

To enable or mount GPIOs, refer to the board’s specific documentation or manufacturer instructions. If encountering a login prompt when connecting a Jetson Nano SoM via UART, this is due to the enabled serial console. To disable it, access the GRUB configuration file at /etc/default/grub and edit it. Remove the console=ttyS0,115200n8 or similar parameter from the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX variable, save the file, and update GRUB using sudo update-grub.

Reboot the system to disable the serial console and access the login prompt.

Let me know if this helpful for you.

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Thanks for the response @mrjames

Unfortunately, I don’t have grub file in the /etc/default/grub ! I am having some folder /etc/default/grub.d/ it consists init-select.cfg text file were some comments written on it. Do I have to create grub file ? I checked on my every machine’s but none of the machine have grub file located /etc/default.