Voltage input on a Seeed Xiao rp2040


I‘m new to this forum and the whole topic itself.
I have a specific question on the seeed xiao rp2040.
I want to use it in a pinball machine, i get 5v from the machine.
Can i take this 5v directly from the machine by crocodileklamps onto the usb-c cable?
Or whats the maximum voltage?
Usually the usb c brings 5 v anyway, so it shouldnt be a problem?
Greetings in advance

Hi there,
Yea that should work, 5V to 5V. enough current i would suspect also?

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Item	Value
CPU	Dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor up to 133MHz
Flash Memory	2MB
Digital I/O Pins	11
Analog I/O Pins	4
PWM Pins	11
I2C interface	1
SPI interface	1
UART interface	1
Power supply and downloading interface	Type-C
Power	3.3V/5V DC
Dimensions	20×17.5×3.5mm