Using XIAO nrf52480n (with no "sense") under Gentoo Linux / Nameing Python file


(using a XIAO nrf52480 with circuitpython under Gentoo Linux)

Using Gentoo Linux as my operating system I am still unsure how to configure a udev-rule in a way,
that my XIAO nrf52480 can be written by mu or thonny. If another user of Gentoo Linux and or udev
got this working I would be very happy, if she or he could help me.

Another question:
What do I need to configure how and how do I name the file with the python code that way, that booting
the XIAO nrc52480 will the python automagically?


Hi there bootfailure00F,
I feel like I know you well. :laughing:… LOL
All messing aside Hello and welcome here, I don’t use Linux as my daily driver but do have some
small Yocto and embedded stuff going with Rock64,1.3 Armbian or Deb 1.5
Anyway Have you looked over the WIKI Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 with CircuitPython and also the Esp32 pages , they have some Thonny stuff there, albeit windows. also writing udev rule for USB device
is a good discussion how with a solution , a little dated but may apply:

The original rule:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", KERNEL=="3-1.1", DRIVERS=="usb", ATTRS{serial}=="AL01QGTY", SYMLINK+=”device_AL01QGTY”

SUBSYSTEM=="usb" is in parent node, so use SUBSYSTEMS=="usb"
KERNEL=="3-1.1" should be removed, you don't want a rule for specific USB port. Notice your udevadm info output 3-1.2!

By the way, if it was really needed, then it's KERNELS not KERNEL. Because it is a match from a parent node.

SYMLINK+=”device_AL01QGTY” copy-n-paste issue. It should be "" not ””
The NAME, SYMLINK, PROGRAM, OWNER, GROUP, MODE, and RUN fields support simple string substitutions.

Reference: man udev



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