Using the XIAO ESP32-C3 with MicroPython

I am trying to use my XIAO ESP32-C3 with MicroPython.
Installing the firmware using esptool seemed to work. But connecting it to an IDE and getting my files to run does not.

I tried vscode with pymakr, Thonny and Arduino Lab for MicroPython.
The normal Arduino IDE worked, but I don’t want to use .ino files and rather use MicroPython.

Is there a way to reliably get my projects (often times more than just one file) to the controller?

Hi Ningelsohn, Welcome
Have you seen this video How to?

Definitely worth a look, Also the WIKI has this contributor project to check out,
they use thonny because it runs both Windows and MAC afaik.

GL :slight_smile: PJ