Using seeed Studio Pi RTC (DS1307) with Kodi OS on a Pi4B

Is it possible to use the RTC DS1307 with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 4B?

I only see instructions for installing a driver for use with raspbian.

I do not want to leave the Pi connected to the internet just to keep the current time - I use it as an offline media centre.

I have searched this forum but I cannot find an answer

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I would say Yes, Though I don’t run a Pi 4/5 or at a minimum use a NTP server if not. I run Kodi on an Android box with PFSense at my Router. You can make custom rules to prevent any problems but keep time for good recording Schedule.
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Just wondering why you would need timekeeping when the unit is off… I am sure it is connected to the net… my pi always knows what time it is after connecting to the net

Yeah, I understand what you are saying.

I particularly wanted to keep the media centre libre elec OS running kodi offline so there are not the concerns about keeping OS up-to-date and on top of any security flaws. Particularly if I am not the one managing this device.

The media centre displays the time on many screens so I want it correct - but offline.

I did state that I did not want it online just to keep the time up-to-date even if I did not explain why.

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I thought by online… you meant powered up… but i got ya!
I think the problem would be you would have to write some code to get it to update
I dont think you understand how the RTC WORKS… OR MAYBE i DONT UNDERSTAND (SORRY NOT YELLING)

as long as you dont have a power failure, it should keep time pretty good… and maybe you reboot connect to network and then disconnect… A raspberry Pi is not going to do an automatic update… i dont think… last time i checked you have to manually call for an update which is a great thing in my opinion… I wish I could get that on windows…

You are correct that I do not understand how the RTC works: not having a background in electronics. I am an average person that owns a raspberry pi - simply a user. It isn’t possible for me to have a technical discussion unfortunately. Not that I’m not interested in having one.

Leaving it powered on is an option. But playing video in a loop, which could fairly easily happen, would leave it generating heat. Perhaps it isn’t likely to damage the unit but I’m not keen to leave it like that.

I appreciate you are emphasising your point rather than yelling :slight_smile:

If you knew if the module could be used with libre elec OS for definite I guess you would have said one way or the other. So, I shall leave the discussion between the two of us there for now. But thank you for the work arounds that you have suggested.

If anyone knows if there is anyway it can be used with libre elec , I would love to hear from them. I imagine it isn’t impossible - but I may be wrong…

My caps locks came on for some reason… or maybe i was yelling at someone else… or myself… lol