Using reTerminal DM 10.1 as a Web Server and Gateway: Possibilities and Limitations?

Hello, Seeed Studio community,

I recently came across the reTerminal DM 10.1 and I’m very intrigued by its features, especially its capability to function as a PLC, HMI, Panel PC, and gateway. Given its Raspberry Pi CM4 foundation and compatibility with software designed for the Raspberry Pi, I’m considering utilizing it as both a web server and a gateway for monitoring data.

My specific queries are:

  1. Web Server Capabilities: Is it feasible to install and run a web server program, like nginx, on the reTerminal DM 10.1? Has anyone tried this or have any experiences to share?
  2. Node.js & RESTful API Services: I’m interested in setting up RESTful API services using Node.js on this device. Has anyone attempted this, and if so, were there any performance issues or limitations faced?
  3. Database: Is it possible to host a database on this device? I’m considering SQLite for lighter tasks, but also curious if heavier databases like MariaDB or PostgreSQL can be run efficiently.
  4. Tunnelling: I’m looking into the possibility of using tunneling services, such as ngrok, to expose local servers. Any experiences or insights on this would be appreciated!

I’d be grateful for any feedback, suggestions, or shared experiences regarding using the reTerminal DM 10.1 in this manner. Thank you in advance!