Using OLED in XIAO expansion board with MicroPython

I am doing a project in MicroPython using the XIAO RP2040 on a XOAO expansion board. Will like to use the OLED in this project. So, how can one access the OLED in the XIAO expansion board ?

Is it a UART or IIC device ? If so, what are the setup parameters to initialize communication ? If not, what is the communicatioin protocol for the OLED ?

I know that there is Arduino code. But, I specifically need to use Micro Python.

This oled uses the I2C interface, you can find some similar demos for this function

I downloaded a document about MicroPython and the XIAO RP2040 that gave an example of interfacing via I2C to a separate OLED Grove board similar to the OLED display in the XIAO expansion board. It included MicrioPython code ( to access the OLED. Can i use this code ?

If not, appreciate a link to similar example code or parameters (I2C default address, etc.) to access the OLED display in the expansion board.